Saturday, 2 January 2010

about the what's going on

As I woke to the sound of a screaming alarm and the boy wrapped his beautiful arms around me, it was to my great disappointment that I knew it was time to get up at leave. As he showered and I rolled around in his absence, I noted the small things in his room that gave clue to my presence; the small postcard, the photo frame. I supposed it made me have that warm glowing feeling inside that you read about in books.
The boy returned as I was pulling on my jeans and we embraced in that way that implies a long goodbye. Realistically, we would see each other another time before I left to go to university but it was the meaning in that hug.
I went home and slept the day off, the nights had been harsh to me and insomnia had been knocking on my door. Due to the boring nature of this entry, it shall be a short one.
Hayley rung me and discussed the happenings of Merthyr life. Of course the only news I could inform her about her ex boyfriend, Gavin's best friend, was that he had moved on and was now dating a good friend of ours, Danni (keep up now dear reader) from college. Hayley already knew this information and had been subject of abuse from the new girlfriend. Naturally, I refuse to take sides. This is not because of the nature of the subject but because I simply cannot be bothered to partake in the petty arguments that drive the day to day life in the valleys.
And so concludes another day as I settle down to a half an half from a Chinese.

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