Sunday, 3 January 2010

about going shopping

I arose to beautiful pancakes coated in sugar, a wonderful start to a sunny but bitter Sunday. I munched them down with haste before returning to facebook to cast judgment on the happenings of others. After pondering and staying in a vegetative state, I was jolted into action and declared a trip to the retail park for retail therapy. A quick text to the other half confirmed my belief that the must be area of Merthyr Tydfil was, in fact, dead.
We went shopping around in the New Look, searching for a pair of skinny flare jeans. Well I found 5 pairs, dear readers, each unimpressive to me and as I squeezed my fat bum into the same pair, (but in a slightly different shade of blue), I started to wonder why I make the effort to look good. I need not impress anyone as I already have a boy who loves me. I concluded however that I dress well to keep hold of the boy I already own, as he would most likely start to stray if I suddenly started to wear jogging bottoms and baggy t-shirts; a unless musing but it proved groundbreaking to me.
I ended up using the last of my Christmas money on the mot adorable pair that are skinny and kick flare. I'm sure it is a breathe of fresh air for my wardrobe, who complains about my baggy boyfriend jeans and unflattering combats.
Now at 11.07pm, I am sat watching 'How to lose a guy in 10 days'. It is a mediocre film but is nonetheless pleasing to watch. I have discussed plans with the boy and made a list of items that we own between us, ready for a flat. I suppose I will see him next on Tuesday, as I must travel back to Bath tomorrow for my first official shift as a Lushette.
For now, I must retire to bed.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

about the what's going on

As I woke to the sound of a screaming alarm and the boy wrapped his beautiful arms around me, it was to my great disappointment that I knew it was time to get up at leave. As he showered and I rolled around in his absence, I noted the small things in his room that gave clue to my presence; the small postcard, the photo frame. I supposed it made me have that warm glowing feeling inside that you read about in books.
The boy returned as I was pulling on my jeans and we embraced in that way that implies a long goodbye. Realistically, we would see each other another time before I left to go to university but it was the meaning in that hug.
I went home and slept the day off, the nights had been harsh to me and insomnia had been knocking on my door. Due to the boring nature of this entry, it shall be a short one.
Hayley rung me and discussed the happenings of Merthyr life. Of course the only news I could inform her about her ex boyfriend, Gavin's best friend, was that he had moved on and was now dating a good friend of ours, Danni (keep up now dear reader) from college. Hayley already knew this information and had been subject of abuse from the new girlfriend. Naturally, I refuse to take sides. This is not because of the nature of the subject but because I simply cannot be bothered to partake in the petty arguments that drive the day to day life in the valleys.
And so concludes another day as I settle down to a half an half from a Chinese.

Friday, 1 January 2010

about the beginning of an era

Wake up, head banging, bright lights and my phone is screaming at me with text messages. It's 10.45am and my mother wants to know where I am and when I'll be home. Hands reach over and start tracing my body. It's only right that the boy would wake up with a hard on and mojo that won't quit. Obviously not so great for me as it's early and the drinks from the following night hadn't quite settled. My moves to push wandering hands away becomes a game of scruff in which I'm playfully bitten and nibbled, which in turn is a turn on...

The next few details are unimportant to this entry, although I’m sad to announce that the squeaking of the downstairs door was enough to quickly put an end to our games. It was by now 11.55am and the hostess was up. We could hear the pacing of Danni and Paddy as they went downstairs, an indication that we too should arise from bed. It was Danni’s house that we were staying and as it was a last minute sleep over it would not have been polite to stay in bed all day.
My mother text again alerted that me that my father was to pick us up at 1pm on a bridge near the house so Gavin and I set off, thanking Danni for the bed and the drinks before we went.
At home, a beautiful tomato soup was served along with a roast dinner, which we were unable to finish. New years dinners are always cooked so beautifully by my mother but when your stomach is sloshing with vodka, it gives you a sickly feeling. After watching the first DVD of Fawtly towers, aiding the awkward silence between parent and fiancĂ©e, we retired to my room. Fear not fair reader for no misgivings happened in my bed, simply sleep took over the pair of us and we lay in one another’s arms, how terribly romantic.
At 5pm we returned to his house only for me to sit there with his parents and make polite conversation about the New Year and plans for the future. His sister returned with a kettle and toaster from her place of work which sparked the debate on whether we needed these appliances for our non-existent flat.
A sudden snowfall has meant that I’m now blogging at his house and staying the night. I am very pleased with this outcome, dear reader, as it is one of the last days I will get to spend in his arms until maybe Easter. It is difficult to maintain a relationship when you never see the other half.
So commences my first blog of 2010, the start of the tweenies and the beginning of my life as an adult.